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The Tenant Registry is an established database which records a residential tenants previous and current rental history, along with the conduct of their tenancy. We constantly gather tenant information from our Landlord and Letting Agent members from across the UK.

The searches you make on The Tenant Registry will show whether a tenant has paid their rent on time, how they conducted their tenancy, whether they breached any terms of the tenancy agreement, whether they abandoned the property and will even tell you if they were ever evicted. It’s a simple search that will put your mind at ease and may save you thousands of pounds in the process!

Whether you are a Landlord or Agent seeking information or you are looking to alert other Landlords or Agents about a potential problem tenant, use The Tenant Registry, the UK’s Number One FREE Tenant Data Base.


The beauty of the Tenant Registry is that it’s a very simple system to use. It’s simple to add tenants and simple to search and that’s what we wanted to achieve when we created this system. There are other sites offering Tenant Information Services, but we believe that ours is unique. That’s because we prefer simplicity and we think you will too!
Our clean and clear simple to use site masks the sophistication of our database and the associated filters which will return accurate and relevant information. If the tenant you are searching for is listed on The Tenant Registry, you will be provided with comprehensive information on the conduct of their current and past tenancies.
Most Landlord who arrive at this site, do so because they either have or are having a problem with a Tenant. We understand the frustrations so we offer a number of Free and Premium Downloads to help you deal with situations that arise during and beyond tenancies. Learn More

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The Tenant Registry


Why Use The Tenant Registry ?

If you have experienced a tenancy which has gone wrong then you will know just how important it is to make all the background checks at your disposal. Equally, you will know just how important it is to alert other landlords of a potential problem tenant!
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How To Use The Tenant Registry

The Tenant Registry is a website database set up to help landlords and letting agents avoid bad tenants and help find the good tenants, “limiting the risk”. We are a long established unique database which records tenant’s previous rental history and the conduct of their tenancies, information which is gathered from our members across the UK.  read more.

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With rent arrears forecast to rise dramatically over the coming year, there has never been a more a important time to ensure your background checks are comprehensive and up to date. Joining Tenant Registry will enable you to search our database ….. read  more.

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