Why Use The Tenant Registry

why_use_usOnce you have granted an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, getting a tenant out of your property is not always an easy thing to do and there is nothing more frustrating and annoying than having a bad tenant who digs their feet in!

When landlords are under renewed pressure from all areas of society, there are so many hoops for them to  have to jump through, legal letters, legal notices,court charges, support from the local authority, time given to tenants to “mend their ways”, the Courts often taking the side of the tenants and completely ignoring your circumstances and financial losses to you.

It’s right and proper to stop tenants doing to other landlords what they may have done to you. We are not saying that they should be stopped from renting property in the future, but landlords should have sufficient information to hand to allow them to make a truly “informed decision” and to understand the risks which they are taking on.

These days, most (but still not all) landlords will generally request a credit search on a prospective tenant, and even a basic search is better than nothing. But does it give you enough information ?Will it tell you that a landlord had to issue a Section 8 against their tenants? no, it won’t!

A credit search will simply tell you whether or not the tenants have had a previous poor credit history, and this may have come about for reasons other than the conduct of their previous tenancy. In fact, it is highly unlikely that a landlord, owed money by the tenants will have taken the tenants to court to obtain a money order, so what exactly is the credit search for if it does not paint a true picture and give the landlord what they need?

What a Landlord or Letting Agent needs to know is exactly how the tenant conducted their previous tenancy, and just as important, can the prospective tenants afford the rent?. What’s the point in knowing that the tenant has a court judgement from a catalogue company but not knowing that they trashed their last property and left owing three months rent?  That’s why we at Tenant Registry will help you get the information that is relevant to what you are, a landlord !

Good Reasons To Use The Tenant Registry

  • Search and Report Tenants For Free
  • Include Tenant Registry in Your Background Search Process

  • Quick, Simple and Easy To Use
  • Supported by Landlords and Letting Agents, Nationwide
  • A Growing Database of Good and Not So Good Tenants

  • We Will Save You Time and Money

  • Real Time Information, from Real Time Experiences

  • Help Project Other Landlords

  • Full Uk Coverage

  • Stop Bad Tenants Repeating Bad Behaviour

The Tenant Registry

Tenant Registry is the easy way to Search & Report, Good & Bad prospective tenants, we are the national database with thousands of entries for you to search all for FREE, join us TODAY, our database is growing rapidly!