wished_tenant_checkIf you have been a landlord long enough, you are more than likely to have experienced the “bad tenant” and when it happens, it usually ends up costing landlords a large amount of their hard earned cash!

We are constantly being bombarded with press releases from the likes of Shelter or from one Local Authority or another about rogue landlords and how badly tenant are treated and that they should have more protection.  Here at The Tenant Registry,we think that treating tenants fairly and with re

But what about the rogue tenants who are costing landlords millions of pounds in lost rent, damaged properties and costly evictions?  We never hear Councils taking the side of landlords, or Shelter warming to the landlords plight and accepting that there are two sides to this story – in many cases, what tenants do is nothing short of theft!

So, when it all goes wrong, you are left with little or no option but to secure the possession of your property and you can only do this through the correct legal channels. In the end it is likely that you will take a hit in terms of the financial costs, usually because you would be throwing good money after bad if you were to pursue the tenant for any losses.

We are not saying that this happens all of the time, some landlords do manage to track down and recover lost money, but many do not. Lawyers have an old saying that goes something like this; “never sue a man of straw” ! What it means is that if there is no means of paying you the debt, then forget it, you will never see the money if someone doesn’t have it in the fist place so you will simply be throwing good money after bad !

When you think about it, many (but not all) “bad tenants” are serial perpetrators, they know the system and they know how to take advantage of it. When you get a bad tenant, you will soon realise that the the law and all it’s offices, falls heavily in favour of the tenant ! We say, “Never mind the Landlord and Tenant Act, it should be renamed the Tenant and Tenant Act ! ”

Have you ever stopped to wonder just where your bad tenant disappeared to, or how your last bad tenant managed to get re-housed with a private landlord? Our guess is that they probably secured a new tenancy because they weren’t  honest to the new landlord, and the poor unsuspecting landlord would have no way of knowing what their rental history was, most tenants attempt to cover their tracks by saying that they have lived with their family or have been out of the country and it takes years of experience to smell a rat!

But don’t feel completely inadequate, despite everything being stacked against you and despite your financial losses, what you can do is warn other landlords about your experience and The Tenant Registry gives you the forum to allow you to do just that

The Tenant Registry is receiving hundreds of tenant database records per week from landlords just like you and the number is rising fast. We need you to support our efforts and to help landlords up and down the country by providing them with information about the history and the whereabouts of their prospective tenants, the one which could have been your last bad experience

So please join us FREE today and help support a very worthwhile cause!