Tenant Registry System Features and Highlights

When we created The Tenanttr_doors Registry, we knew that it would have to suit the needs of landlords and letting agents, it would be of no use to either it it was a credit scoring system. The data we hold is absolutely relevant to the landlord but with simplicity of use at the top of our thoughts.

We are delighted with the second release of our evolving tenant regisration system and we think that you will be too. Below you will find a few of the highlights of The Tenant Registry which we hope will help you understand what The Tenant Registry does. We hope you find our system of great value and if you do, then you might pass the word on to other landlords!

A User Friendly System

So simple,The Tenant Registry is an easy to use, step by step system that prompts you to complet the tenants record.  Because we deal with specific information which is only relevant to Landlords and Letting Agents we decided that we did not need a “scoring” system or a pass or fail system.

Our system simply returns results based on a number of relevant and important questions and you decide if the tenant is worth granting a tenancy.

The Tenant Registry, it’s been designed with you the landlord in mind.

Easy To Register

Registering for The Tenant Registry couldn’t be easier. Because the data held on this system is closed, it’s for members only so we require you to register before either submitting or searching for tenants. It’s a simple registration process and once completed, you can either upload a tenant record or search the record system for a match with your tenants. To register today for The Tenant Registry, click here

Landlords and Letting Agents register for FREE.

Simple Step By Step

Our system allows you to add tenants to your properties so you don’t have to repeatadly create new property records.  You can add as many tenants to The Tenant Registry as you like, in fact, the more the better.  We encourage landlords and agents to add good as well as bad tenants although we know that it’s bad tenants which attract most of the interest here!.

Our step by step system will breeze you from the registration process through to the search function, it’s easy, intuitive and you will want to use it over and over again.

The Tenant Registry has been designed with the landlord in mind.

Instant Searches

If the tenant is registered on The Tenant Registry database and it’s quick and relevant information you need, then you will find it here.

The Tenant Registry doesn’t return information based on credit scores or a series of numbers which you have to decipher. The Tenant Registry will give you a report based on the information submitted by the tenants landlord, which will include dates, tenancy term, rent, conduct, arrears and where relevant, court possession details.

Because we deal with specific information which is only relevant to landlords and letting agents we knew that a”scoring system”or a pass or fail system would not work.  Our system simply returns results based on basic search criteria and allows you to decide on whether or not to take the tenant on based on the search results.

We designed the system with ease of use and speed in mind.

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My Admin Panel

Once you are registered with Tenant Registry, you will be given your own Admin Section where all of your tenant and tenancy  records are kept.

This section will show the list of tenants and properties which you have created and the tenancies which you have created relevant to the properties. It will also show a list of  the tenancies which you have searched and will allow you to search the entire Tenant Registry Data Base.

We wanted to make an easy to follow step by step system that wouldn’t confuse or hinder you, we think you will like what you find.

Tenant Registry, The Easy To Use Tenant Data Base For Landlords

Landlord Alerts

We thought we’d let you know in advance about about any prospective problems.  When you register with shoutTenant Registry you will be asked whether you want to receive alert updates in your area when new tenants are registered.

If you sign up for this alert system, we will automatically send you details of tenants by either email (and coming soon, text message). Most of the time, this information will not be of interest to you, but if you are in the middle of advertising a newly vacated property, this information may be invaluable and could save you a lot of money.

This is just one more innovation in a series of newly introduced system features from The Tenant Registry, and there’s more to come!

Innovative and Unique Services from The Tenant Registry

Landlord Articles

If you have ever thought you are completely alone in this mess which your bad tenant has left you in, you’re not! Whilst it’s of little consolation in finanical terms to find out that there are huge amounts of landlords who have experienced your problems,it is comforting to know that others have shared your experience.

At The Tenant Registry, we encourage our landlords to blog about their lettings experiences  In our view, it’s not enough to just report bad or rogue tenants, we need to tell other landlords and the world just how bad these people are. Of course, published articles do not disclose the tenants details as we cannot allow that on the public side of our site, but the telling about the experience is what really matters.

We are constantly seeking articles from our landlords or letting agents so if you feel that you can add a story to our growing list of landlords articles, please send it to us.

The Tenant Registry, our role is to keep landlords informed…