why_use_us2Tenant Registry is a website database of tenants set up to help landlords and letting agents avoid bad tenants but find the good tenants.

The Tenant Registry has been built and continues to be enhanced by us for Landlords and Letting Agents across the UK and is up to date and factual, this make us a unique site providing a unique personal service to our landlord members.

When you report tenants, the information that you input becomes available to all Tenant Registry members and in turn, their records becomes available to you.  When you register, you will be asked if you want to be included in the Tenant Registry Landlord Alerts System. This means that when a tenant in your Postcode area or the Postcode location of your property is reported on Tenant Registry, you will receive an email alert to warn you,  that’s because we want you to know about any risks to your property and your wallet well in advance!

Whilst a Money Order judgement for a catalogue debt should alert a landlord to a potential problem, it cannot be put in the same league as a report on a tenant who has been evicted for Anti Social Behavior or for running up months and month of rent arrears, and whilst a credit search will tell you about personal debts, no credit search in the world will tell you about Rent Arrears or even worse, cannabis growing!

Landlords up and down the country are becoming more and more selective about their tenants and some tenants are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way they hide their past, and many are getting through the firewalls which landlords put up to find them. With rent arrears forecast to rise dramatically over the coming year, there has never been a more a better time to join us and your fellow landlords.

  • If you have any doubts about the tenant application which you have in front of you, then you should check The Tenant Registry – they may be here so join check first!

  • If you have experienced or are experiencing a bad tenant, you should add them to the Tenant Registry Data Base.

  • If you feel that you can recommend a Tenant to other landlords, you should add them to the Tenant Registry, every landlord is looking for good tenants.


Tenant Registry is the easy way to Search & Report, Good & Bad prospective tenants, we are the national database with thousands of entries for you to search all for FREE, join us TODAY, our database is growing rapidly!